Laptops Important Checklist for Shopping

Laptops make work more convincing in our daily life and for Students, Businessmen, and Freelancers it became a part of life.

If you decide to buy a laptop then wait first, know these things so you get the right Laptop and a few important settings to do on the laptop to be safe and well-maintained.

Additionally, we will see some keyboard shortcuts that speed up your working on your Laptop and the best 5 freelance websites as bouns to earn money online.

Important Checklist for Right Laptop

Consider these important features in checklists while purchasing laptops.

  • RAM(Random Access Memory): Your Laptop must be at least 4 GB (Gigabyte) of Memory for better performance.
  • ROM(Read Only Memory): Computer must be at least 1 TB (Terabyte) of Storage Memory.
  • Processor: Check for Multicore Processor types like i3, i5, i7, and so on.
  • Battery Backup: Choose a model without any power source that can work longer.
  • Keyboard: Check the keyboard whether it feels comfortable or not, Some have standard sizes.
  • Display Screen: Make sure what type of display screen is used. Choose LED Screen Display for better Videos quality.
  • Web Camera: Look for a web camera whether it has one or not. it is used for video calling any friends and relatives on skype or other applications.
  • Graphic card: Graphic card is especially for multimedia and game software. Check for the graphic card used.
  • Wifi and Bluetooth: Used for wireless connectivity.

Suggestions to Keep laptops safe and well maintained

Because you have brought with you a lot of hard-earned money, then it becomes your responsibility to keep it properly.

Consider these suggestions to secure your laptops and run smoothly.

  • Enable Windows Firewall settings to protect your computer from malicious file downloading.
  • Install one third-party Antivirus Software or you can use the default Windows Defender.
  • Set Login Password to keep safe from other persons also your information will be safe.
  • Check to see if all software is up to date.
  • Never open suspicious attachments or click on unknown links in emails.
  • Ignore websites that may contain illegal content.
  • Insert no USB drives or unknown external devices unless you own them.

How to Protect Personal Data from Cyber Attacks?

Privacy protections depend on our activities and whom you are allowed to access your personal information. Learn how you can keep safe personal information from cyber Attacks.

Protect yourself from fraudsters: You should be on the lookout for scams that attempt to steal your money, personal information, or both when you read emails, use social media, or surf the internet. Because they “fish” for your information, many of these scams are referred to as “phishing scams.” Learn how to shield yourself from phishing schemes and steer clear of tech support fraud.

Avoid and get rid of malware: Protecting your computer from malware is a crucial first step in enhancing workplace security.

Use Windows Security: Windows Security, which is integrated into Windows and offers real-time detection mechanism, prevention, and removal with cloud-delivered protection, is also known as Windows Defender Security Center in Windows 8 or early versions of Windows 10. It is designed for consumers at home and small and large businesses. See Help my computer stay secure with Windows Security for more information.

Windows offline Defender: Microsoft Defender Browsing works independently of Windows to disable infected files as well as other threats that keep hidden from the computer system. This tool employs a small, distinct operating setting in which deceptive threats cannot hide from antispyware scanners.

Useful keyboard Shortcuts for windows

Here are some Windows Keyboard shortcuts which may be useful to you.

Keyboard ShortcutsFunctions
Ctrl + AUsed To Select all
Ctrl + BUsed to Bold Text
Ctrl + CUsed To Copy Objects
Ctrl + DUsed to Bookmark Tab in Google Chrome
Ctrl + EUsed to align selected text to the center
Ctrl + FUsed to find any word from the Paragraph
Ctrl + GUse to find any particular word in Google Chrome
Ctrl + HUsed to open History on Chrome
Ctrl + IUsed for Italic text
Ctrl + JUsed to open Downloads in Google Chrome
Ctrl + KUsed for inserting URLs in Chrome
Ctrl + LUsed for search in Chrome
Ctrl + MUsed for Intent Supports
Ctrl + NUsed to open New Tab
Ctrl + OUsed to Open files
Ctrl + PUsed to Print
Ctrl + QUsed to Remove Document
Ctrl + RUsed for Reload Website
Ctrl + SUsed to Save
Ctrl + TUsed to open New Tab in Chrome
Ctrl + UUsed for Underline Text
Ctrl + VUsed to Paste Copied Object
Ctrl + WUsed to CloseTab
Ctrl + XUsed for Cut
Ctrl + YUsed for Redu
Ctrl + ZUsed for Undo
Window Key + RTo open Run
Window key + TabTo switch one tab to another
F2 keyUsed to Rename Folder
F5 keyUsed to Refresh

5 Best Freelance websites to earn money from Laptops

Today many industries offer Work from Home, you just need a Laptop to work as a freelancer.

So, here are the 5 best freelance websites to earn money with zero investment.

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FAQs for Laptops

What are the best Laptops?

Here are the Top 6 Best Laptops
1. Lenovo Think Book
2. Lenovo Yoga
3. Acer Aspire 3
4. Lenovo Idea Pad
5. Dell Inspiron 15
6. Samsung Galaxy Book

What are the best gaming Laptops?

Top 6 Best Gaming Laptops for New Generations
1. Alienware m15 R7
2. Lenovo Legion 5 Pro
3. Lenovo Legion 5i pro 6 Generation
4. Hp Gaming OMEN 16
5. Asus Gaming ROG Zephyrus Duo 16
6. Dell G15 Gaming

What is the price of Hp Laptops

Hp Laptops Prices start from 20000 to 75000+

Final Thoughts on Laptops

In this post, We have discussed what features should consider when buying Laptops and a few Laptop Maintaining tips.

However, we have seen some useful shortcut keyboard keys that may help you handle works fast on Microsoft Windows.

In the final, you have seen the top 5 best freelance sites to Make Money Online

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