How to make a new website – Beginners Guide

It is much simpler than you think to create your own new website. People are becoming more interested in having their own internet business. You are not required to depend on your Facebook profile, Facebook group, or Twitter handle.

Why not create your own new website?

Actually getting started, here are some of the most frequently asked we’ve received from excited newcomers like you in the old days:

Are there technical skills compulsory?

Mainly this depends on the main goal of your new website. This is based on the purpose of your website. The most difficult method would be to learn how to code Web pages, Stylesheet, Browser, and Java scripts – the fundaments of about all such websites

However, this is not the only method for making a website: you can simply set up a professional website even if you are unsure about the technical side of things.

You may be thinking How!

By making use of a website builder. You will be able to use these tools if you are familiar with Word, Facebook, or PowerPoint. These simple platforms provide a visual editor, hosting, and the option to buy a custom domain name.

A few definitions for complete beginners

What is a Domain Name?

It is the web address of your website. For Ex.

URL means What?

It includes the Domain name plus the subdomain name. For Ex.

CRM full form

The full form of CRM is Content Management System. A software tool that allows you to create, upload, and publish your website. For Ex. WordPress.

What do website builders do?

A faster edition of a Content management system, typically used for smaller sites It allows for simple web page manipulation and provides preconfigured models from which to choose. It is also having a good hosting plans service. For Ex. Wix, Blogger

Website hosting provider means?

Hosting Provider is a site where you can publish your webpage so that others can view it. For Ex. Hostinger & Bluehost

Responsive website for all devices

There are so many screen size and shape available today (Tablet, PC, and Smartphones). Website design templates auto-adjust to the size of the display and modifies the information to make it readable.

Website Template Roles

Pre-designed web page themes and page templates come with WordPress websites. When starting to build your website, you select the one that is most similar to your concept or business and modify it to your preference (e.g., by changing images, texts, headlines, etc.).

Abbreviation of SEO

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. When done correctly, your website will appear at the top of search engines such as Google for relevant search terms. This will attract organic website visitors, which are completely free in comparison to paid traffic (e.g., via Google Ads).

How to Make a New Website 5-Step Guide

The following steps are followed by the majority of website projects:

  1. Create a strategy for the structure and the content of your website.
  2. Enroll a domain name, especially
  3. To start creating your new site, find the best website builder.
  4. Optimize your website for search engine
  5. Live your new website

Decide what kind of website you want to set up.

WordPress websites in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most known:

Smaller Website

An online portfolio is an example of a smaller website. A content writer, translator, or illustrator might showcase some references, contact details, and an “about us” page as an example of a normal use case. These websites have 8 pages or fewer. It’s even possible that it’s a one-page website, with all of the information displayed on a single page.

This type of website is mostly static and rarely updated. Once you’ve created it, you can test the mobile version, ensure everything functions exactly as it should, and then leave it alone. Most users enter the URL manually or find the site through directories like Google Maps.

Optional ways to make it: Wix is a website builder. Webnode and Strikingly are two other options for less expensive, a little less powerful hosting.


You could also create a blog if you want to publish your thoughts frequently. This gives viewers a reason to return to your website and usually invites them to leave a comment. Typically, adding blog posts is done through a simple publisher where you can publish text and images. A travel or cooking blog is a good example.

A blog may also be introduced to portfolio websites, but this is getting less attractive as social media has grown in popularity.

Optional way to make it: WordPress

Large eCommerce Website

Under this type of service, the webpage is usually an essential part of it, which means that the company would not exist without it.

For example, the website could be the main marketing platform:

  • An online shopping site
  • A Food Delivery Service
  • Ticket booking Service
  • Online Consulting program

A Website can be an official Business :

  • An Online News Channel
  • An Online Education Acadamy
  • Webhosting Sites
  • Business Branding Sites

Optional way to make it: WordPress is a fantastic choice for content websites. Shopify or WooCommerce are great choices for online shops. However, Wix is also worth a look because they offer many highly specialized apps for rentals, food outlets, online ordering, and so on.

Top #2 Methods to Start a Website

Let’s go over the top methods to get started with a website. There are multiple choices. Several are more responsive than others, while others are more complicated.

Method 1: Using a website builder to Make a website

Let’s begin with the most simple and direct choice: a website builder. This is an “all-inclusive” package in the sense that a small company typically provides the custom layout (design), drag-and-drop editor, hosting services, Domain, email address, and assistance. The challenging tasks are handled by the web designer.

This is not simply for newcomers. It is entirely dependent on the project.  Almost everything site designers allow you to create an image-free basic site on a subdomain (e.g., Using such a strategy, you can test it thoroughly before choosing whether the cost is reasonable.

If you are planning to take your business to next level, you should think about a paid plan. Starting price is only about $8 per month and includes all of the basic needs. If you’re looking for a professional email for business it would be around 1-5$ per month.

Wix is a free site maker that you can use for as long as you like. Let’s understand step by step:

1: Visit Wix Website and Pick the templet which you like

2: Click Edit Button

3: Sign up with your email address and a password (or even sign up via Google or Facebook)

4: You have entered the website editor. Simply replace text and graphics by creating your own ones

Method 2: By Using Content Management System (CMS)

The functionality of content management systems (CMS) is higher. They function essentially the same as a website builder, but they are much more challenging to use.

This is due to the fact that they are equipped to deal with massive site projects.  A larger company with a dedicated IT staff and many pages to create would be an example of a great user.

Thankfully, there is also a second CMS that is much easier to use: WordPress. It’s not too tough to build because of Webhosting companies that provide a one-click installation. This is another factor making it the most widely used CMS globally.

WordPress Web Hosting

Visit to Sign up for Hostinger

Hostinger (easily affordable), Siteground (a little more costly although super powerful), and Bluehost (a popular choice with tech support) are our top recommendations based on our experience. 

WP Themes

Set up a WordPress theme that best fits your objective to get a customized layout for your use case. When you initially log into your fresh WordPress site, you should see some basic themes.

Overall, there is an extensive number of business themes that are adjusted and customized. Low-cost themes can be found on Themeforest, and it’s important to check themes’ sale ratings before purchasing any theme.

Domain name

If you are not interested in using a free domain name (that also looks unclassy because it will have a site builder domain with it ), you must buy your own domain.

There are multiple registrars which offer custom domain names. We mainly purchase them from Namecheap because they’re, pretty cheap but not too much.

Web Design and Scheduling

It is not a good idea to improvise. Planning will assist you in determining which sections you require, the information that will fit effectively for you, as well as how your web page should be built.

A sitemap with thoughts about what your site will require is an ideal place to begin. The main components of this brainstorm can be applied to navigation.

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