Best Blogs to Read from Famous Indian Bloggers

If you are looking for the best blogs to read, you have come to the right place. Today, many people in India work full-time as bloggers.

Blogging is a passion. Mainly bloggers write about how to make money online and how to start a blog article.

Anyone can be inspired after reading a blog, so let’s take a look at some of the best blogs to read by famous Indian bloggers.

The Best blogs to read from Indian

Only world-famous Indian bloggers have been included in this list; after reading their blogs, you will definitely be inspired to start your own.

#1. By Neil Patel

Author: Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Eggs and Hello Bar, as well as a New York Times bestselling author.

If you are really interested in online marketing must visit Neil Patel’s website.

Neil Patel’s team created Ubersuggest, a free SEO tool for ranking your website.

There are also more AI content writers available, so you should read Neil Patel’s Blog.

The total Net worth of Neil Patel

Do you know?… Neil Patel is the #1 Influencer on the web and has over 30 million dollars of total net worth.

2. Blog by Anil Agarwal

Author: Anil Agarwal is the founder of BloggersPassion started in 2010.

This Blog covered topics related to Make Money Online, Blogging Tips, Search Engine Optimization, and Web hosting.

If you just started a blog then must read the BloggersPassion blog to learn about Blogging.

Total Net Worth of Anil Agarwal

Bloggerspassion blog is a top leading digital marketing in India and generates $13000 per month from blogs, Approximately, the total net worth of Anil Agarwal is over 10 million dollars.

When Did Anil Agarwal Start a Bloggerspassion Blog?

Anil Agarwal is the founder of Bloggerspassion started in 2010, But in 2018 started working as a Full-time Blogger.

What is Anil Agarwal’s (blogger) Income?

Anil Agarwal’s monthly income from Bloggerspassion is 1 Lacs 40 thousand per month.

3. Blog by Harsh Agarwal

Author: Harsh Agarwal is the founder of, which Started in 2008.

If you are a beginner in blogging, then this will good choice to start reading a blog.

This blog covered Blogging tips, WordPress tutorials, and SEO.

Want to read a blog click here

Total Net Worth of Harsh Agarwal

The income source of harsh Agarwal is blogging + Affiliate marketing, So Approximately

INR 300 crore in total net worth.

4. Founder Amit Agarwal

Labnol is one of the top blogs in India and the man behind is Amit Agarwal with the vision to help blog starters to become Successful in blogging.

He started a blog in 2004 and later quit his job to focus on blogging and now he became a professional blogger in India.

Additionally, He is an IIT degree holder which is the top level B. Tech degree, also listed in Adsense Success Story.

Basically, He covers the topic related to How-To Tutorials and answers all technology-related Problems.

So, Undoubtedly you can say, it is the Best Blog to read from India.

5. founder Shradha Sharma

Sradha Sharma started a blog in 2010 related to Entrepreneur and Business Guidance now it has 4,019 th Ranks in Ahrefs.

So you can imagine why I preferred it as the top Best Blog from India.

The most interesting thing about it is when you read YourStory blog you actually realize how the successful leaders really suffered from Zero to Hero.

If you are also worried about your future must read to know how actually a common man became a great successful leader.

6. Founder Pradeep Goyal

If you’re looking for the best site for Startups guide, Online Marketing, Small business & Financial Freedom then it is one of them.

Pradeep Goyal is a full-time Blogger & Entrepreneur and who earns money for Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and Selling Online their own products.

Now, CashOverflow Ranks 4,01,431 th in Ahrefs.

7. Founder Prabhudesai

It is one of the most-read Business blogs in India. Prabhudesai started it in 2007 now it became one of the top-searched Business blogs on Google from India.

It covers all Trending Business News from all over the world, Once he said in an interview that India has the potential to do anything if Indian people have proper Knowledge and guidance, Early he was in America.

So I Recommended must read a blog it is a pure Indian Blog.

8. Founder Paju PP

In India, there are lots of Tech Magazine but even it is one of the most favorite Tech Blog from Indian Tech Readers, Also Raju Holds an Engineering Degree in Electrical and Electronics.

As the name Described Techpp, you got the idea of what it basically covers on the blog, All Tech Updates, Tech Supports to bring you closer to technology for easy to use.

Raju PP started in 2008, Now there is a huge difference, and became a successful Tech blog in India, In Ahrefs it has 83,900 th Ranks.

9. Founder Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin founds in 2011 and as the most favorite tech new updater blog in India if you are looking for a phone review, accessories, or upcoming Gadgets this is the best-suited blog for you.

Its rank on Ahrefs is 179,000.

10. Founder Archna Doshi

As you can guess from the blog title, It is Food Blog where you can find Food recipes, diabetes food ideas, Dinner ideas, and many more related Foods.

Blog Rank on Ahrefs is 142000.

So, If you are really interested in cooking food or discovering new meals then it is perfect for you.

Conclusion on the best blogs to read from India.

We have seen the Top 10 best blogs to read from popular Indian bloggers and if you active blogger wants to make money online and has an interest in online marketing.

Must Consider the above top Indian blogs and also follow them on social handles to get updates.

All of the above-listed Blogs are my favorites and so I suggest them to you. Even when you search on Google definitely you will find blogs at least one of them at the top.

Comment Down below for more Questions related to blogging and technology, I will try to reply to you soon.

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