Top 6 Awesome Free Chrome Extensions for SEO

Top 6 Awesome Free Chrome Extensions for SEO

All SEO extensions for Chrome are unique, just like every other SEO tool. Some provide superior technical ideas, while others provide richer keywords.

we can say that there is no tool that is absolutely perfect.

Plus, purchasing a few SEO tools is usually extremely costly.

So don’t worry, I’m about to help your life a little simpler today. Here are some free Google SEO extensions that could help your website rank higher in search engine results and improve its online visibility.

What’s the best part about any of this list? When you try to mix them, you can customize their extensions to your necessities, or you can start mixing them all and you’ll have nearly everything you’ll need.

Are you Ready, Let’s start?

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Extention 1. Ubersuggest’s Chrome Extention

The Ubersuggest Chrome extension displays search term data directly from Search engine results.

Even without leaving the Search, it also offers you information on connected keywords.

You can select any of the relevant headings under “People also search for…” to export that data to CSV. You are then directed to the Ubersuggest homepage for the keyword you selected.

With this data, doing quick keyword research directly from Google is very simple.

I hope this SEO extension is helpful to you.

Extension 2. MOZ

Ever questioned the meaning of domain authority? Well, Moz created the metric. In general, your rankings will be improved the better your domain authority.

The domains and page authority of any web page may be found with Moz’s MozBar Chrome addon.

This plugin is useful for researching possible competitors while you browse the web because it gives you an instant comparison of your strengths and weaknesses.

Plus, You can quickly identify the most trustworthy pages on your competitor’s webpage that need analysis as you browse it.

Extension 3. Redirect Path

Redirect Path is a smaller extension, but it is extremely important when trying to perform technical SEO.

Later, your URLs will change. This addon alerts you to errors whether they result from a new arrangement or from the deletion and merging of outdated content. Redirect Path allows you to quickly determine whether a redirect is broken or is working properly.

Extension 4. Similar Web SEO Extention

Reputation is everything on the internet. Almost all want more visitors because it will result in more connections, and however more links don’t always translate into more earnings, they almost always do.

In comparison to other tools, I’ve observed that Similar Web provides the most accurate traffic estimates.

With the Similar Web addon, you now can collect traffic statistics without visiting their website again.

The traffic analytics for the past six months is the first thing you may check with this addon. Even the website traffic, normal pages per visit, and visit time are broken.

Also, when you scroll downward, you can discover the locations from where the visitors are mostly from, making it simpler to geographically target your viewers.

Additionally, it displays the traffic distribution for each site. Is the website receiving visitors through search engines, social media, referral sites, or even just direct traffic? Your content/marketing approach can be improved the more you understand your traffic sources.

Extension 5. Buzzsumo

Definitely, you will read various articles while browsing the web, as well as some written by your opponents. You may view the hyperlinks and social views of a certain article by using the Buzzsumo extensions.

You may even view the articles from such a blog that have received the most social sharing and links.

This gives you an overview of what kind of content you should start making.

Extension 6. Ninja Outreach

Without hyperlinks, your efforts are useless on-page for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

I know readers truly hate this aspect of SEO, but the manual effort is one of the most effective ways to generate links, even if it is time-consuming.

Ninja Outreach itself is a method for making it simpler. Any email addresses connected to a specific domain are displayed with this SEO Chrome addon.

Once you’ve identified a relevant site to reach for a backlink advantage, you can obtain their contact details with the click of a button and begin designing your personalized email.


What SEO Chrome Extensions Allow Me to Check Redirects?

You could use one of several SEO Chrome extensions for all this. There are three of them: Link Redirect Path, Redirect Path and Redirect Check.

How Do I Easily Determine Metatags?

An unlimited meta tag analyzer is available from CheckSERP. You could also try as well as Heymeta free to use.

Conclusion on Chrome Extensions

Whenever it comes to Chrome extensions for SEO, there are multiple choices. You simply need to find the ones that work best for you.

The extensions I said above are a great place to begin.

You don’t need to use all of them because that would be excessive, but you can use any one of them or a combination of them to optimize your site and boost its overall ranking.

What is there for you to lose? Try these SEO extensions out and observe the effects they have on your website’s rankings.

What similar Chrome add-ons do you frequently use?

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